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 A Seller Of Purple
She was a seller of Purple from the city of Thyatira, who worshipped God.  Acts 16:14b  
Welcome to the world of  hand marbled fabric!
Are you  looking for beautiful and unusual fabrics to complete your projects?  Why not add hand marbled fabric to your stash?  Each piece is a unique work of art and will add a new dimension to any quilt or garment.
The Fabric
    vChoose from high quality, 100% cotton muslin or silk.
    vAll fabric has been pre-washed and dried, and pressed.
The Colors
    vA wide array of colors and color combinations are available.
    vFabric can be marbled to coordinate with swatches.
The Designs
    vThere are many traditional patterns, and new ones are continually
                    being discovered.
    vA Design Dictionary is available for $10.00 (applied toward your first
                    order).  This has swatches with the pattern names to make ordering
The Prices
    vFat quarters        Cotton  $7.00    Silk  $10.00 and up*
    vOne yard cuts     Cotton  $26.00   Silk  $38.00 and up*
    vTwo yard cuts    Cotton  $50.00   Silk  $75.00 and up*
                                 *Silk prices depend on the type of silk being marbled.  The prices listed are for 8mm China silk.
Any silk that can get wet can be marbled!
Ordering Information
    vFabric is marbled to order unless the desired color and pattern is in
                    stock.  Your order will be shipped within 48 hours if the fabric is in
                    stock, and within three weeks if not.  You will be notified when your
                    order is  shipped.
    vOrders are shipped USPS or UPS, whichever you prefer.
Payment Options
    vTotal due prior to shipment.
    vChecks and Money Orders accepted.
  A Seller of Purple's Favorite Places
Our swatch pages are currently under construction. Please e-mail at the address below for more information.

Wholesale accounts welcome!
Please e-mail for more information and swatches.